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Welcome to P8

Crocodile Class

Teachers - Stacey and Emily

P8 have been enjoying going to the Nature Garden once a week. We have been exploring what is in our Nature Garden. We have completed a scavenger hunt to find and identify different objects we found. 

P8 have been learning about shapes.

P8 have enjoyed joining in with a whole school event which was called 'Make Music Day' on Monday 21st June 2021. 

We have also found different natural materials from the Nature Garden and looked at them more closely under a microscope.  We have also made bird feeders which are now hanging in the Nature Garden.

During Maths we went on a shape hunt outside. 

P8 had a fun time making musical instruments with junk modelling. The pupils decided whether to make a shaker with pasta or rice. They filled their plastic bottles to make shakers to use at the whole school event 'Make Music Day'.