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Vision & Aims Statement

“Achieving Together”:
Specialist, Collaborative, Dynamic, Aspirational


We believe in “Achieving Together” in a collaborative, dynamic and aspirational way.  Our pupils  love learning and enjoy coming to school.  We aim to make learning irresistible in our school by making it exciting, functional and relevant to our pupils, while meeting their individual needs.  We pride ourselves on using specialist techniques and strategies to support our young people.  We are constantly learning and refine our practice with new ideas.  All our staff receive high quality specialist training so that all our young people have access to the best practice and provision.

We collaborate in so many ways.  We are part of the BILTT Multi-academy Trust incorporating two other schools  Grey’s Education Centre and Grange Academy. We also work closely with our partners in special and mainstream schools across Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough.  We have a dedicated team of Nurses on site and the Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Teams support us in school too.

Our aspirations for our pupils, staff and St John’s School, are very high.  We are dynamic and energetic and try very hard to work alongside our young people to help them to achieve the best they can  so they can face life’s opportunities and challenges with joy, confidence and resilience.


To achieve our Aims and promote British Values we: 

  • Provide a curriculum that meets the needs of the individual student and helps prepare them for their life both in school and in the wider community.
  • Ensure that learning is functional and is focused on developing skills which will support transition to adulthood
  • Create a learning environment that encourages students and staff to strive to be the best they can be.
  • Encourage caring and thoughtful attitudes among staff and pupils
  • Promote functional communication skills including alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) skills
  • Encourage independence, nurture confidence and empower pupils to make decisions
  • Embrace diversity and celebrate difference
  • Meet students’ physical, sensory, medical and therapeutic needs in collaboration with other professionals
  • Focus on individual well-being by providing therapeutic opportunities to support the development of confidence and self-esteem
  • Work closely, and in collaboration with, parents and carers, the Local Authority, professionals and other stakeholders
  • Ensure a successful and positive transition to post school provision through liaison with the Transition Team and by providing parent /carer guidance and support.